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What We Do

No-Cost Benefits Workshops: FBE conducts benefits training seminars designed to provide attendees with the knowledge and tools to better understand their federal benefits. Unlike many providers of federal benefits training FBE can provide these workshops at no cost to attendees or their federal agency employers through our partnership with independent financial professionals who serve federal employees.

Complementary Benefits Consultations: FBE provides federal employees with access to a network of independent financial professionals. These advisors are available, at the sole discretion of the federal employee, for consultation without cost or obligation. These consultations offer you:

  1. The opportunity to meet with a financial professional who may assist you in analyzing and interpreting benefits and their impact on future financial security.
  2. Personalized Benefits Analysis – FBE Advisor Network members will provide an initial consultation and personalized benefits analysis without cost or obligation. FBE Advisor Network members will provide an initial consultation and Personalized Benefits Analysis without cost or obligation.

The Personalized Benefits Analysis is an individually tailored document summarizing your federal employer provided or optional retirement income, thrift savings plan, disability income, life, health and long term care benefits. Members of the FBE Advisor Network gather basic information from you during an initial consultation upon which to prepare the Personalized Benefits Analysis. Each document is tailored to your individual situation.

Personalized Benefits Analysis consultations and illustrations are provided by independent financial professional members of the FBE Advisor Network. FBE does not directly provide consultations or personalized benefits analysis. Personalized Benefits Analysis documents are not endorsed by, provided or sponsored by the United States Federal Government or any employing agency of the US Federal government.

The Personalized Benefits Analysis is provided to federal employees without cost or obligation by members of the FBE Advisor Network.

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