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About Us

Federal Benefits Educators (FBE) is focused on the educational needs of employees of the United States Federal Agencies and Uniformed Services. Our objective is to provide the education federal employees need to make informed decisions regarding their federal retirement benefits. FBE accomplishes this by conducting comprehensive educational training seminars utilizing programs developed by FBE’s experts on the Federal Retirement Systems. Training content is delivered by FBE instructors in full or one-half day seminars tailored to specific retirement systems.

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FBE understands how difficult it can be to find a financial advisor with training, support and emphasis in their practice on the financial needs federal employees and their families. To assist federal employees locate independent financial professionals in their area who serve in the unique needs of federal employees FBE has organized the FBE Advisor Network, a network of financial professionals who have been trained and focus in their financial practice on serving the needs of federal employees.

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FBE is headquartered in Boise, Idaho and also maintains offices in the Denver Colorado metropolitan area. Members of the FBE support team including trainers and FBE Advisors Network support staff are located throughout the United States.

Background information on FBE’s management team, staff or trainers and educational program content review materials are available on request to qualified parties by contacting the FBE General Manager at 866-226-8160.